Lafayette and the American Revolution

Diane Shaw, *Director of Special Collections and College Archives at Lafayette College,spoke to an enthusiastic group of Lehigh Valley American Revolution Round Table members and guests on January 24, 2018.

Ms. Diane Windham Shaw

Diane spoke at length about Lafayette’s role in the American Revolution, from his arrival in America in July of 1777 to his significant contributions to the Yorktown Campaign of 1781.

She followed her  presentation with an opportunity to see items from the College’s Lafayette collection, including highlights from the extraordinary Hubbard Collection of 149 of Lafayette’s original letters to George Washington.

Below are the audios (MP3’s) of Diane’s opening talk and the subsequent audios when took us in the Special Collections room.  These audios are in the order of the evening’s presentation.

We encourage anyone who enjoys history to listen to Diane’s opening remarks as she concisely details the life of the Marquis d’Lafayette and the impact of the American Revolution, on this remarkable young man from France.  Ms. Shaw told us of Lafayette’s praise for the American founding and his determination to address the issue of slavery.

Below the “audio” icons are screen captures from her PowerPoint presentation, mostly in order.  (Apologies for the low quality of the images.)

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*Diane Windham Shaw has written on the friendship between Lafayette and Washington for the Mount Vernon exhibition catalog, A Son and His Adoptive Father, celebrating the 250th anniversary of Lafayette’s birth in 2007.  In 2016, she was co-curator on the Grolier Club exhibition in New York City, “A True Friend of the Cause”: Lafayette and the Antislavery Movement.” In 2012 she was named a Chevalier in the Ordre des arts et des lettres by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.